5 ways to make morning coffee more useful

5 ways to make morning coffee more useful

If you, too, are among the coffeemakers, then surely with pleasure you read positive news on the given topic. For example, scientists found that coffee can be useful for the heart. But they established that it protects from premature death. In addition, it is well known that coffee is not more harmful than tea , if you drink it in reasonable quantities and not on an empty stomach .

But can coffee be even more useful? Certainly. In this material – five ways to make a fragrant drink more healthy.

First – a glass of water

Studies have shown that although caffeine is a diuretic, its diuretic effect is not as strong as is commonly believed. Plus, our body can adapt to the consumption of caffeine, which excludes the possibility of dehydration. Nevertheless, many people who start their day with coffee and continue it the same, can find out by the evening that during the day they drank insufficiently clean water. Try to start the day with a glass of water and finish it to get all the possible health benefits associated with hydration.

Give up sugar …

Including – from artificial sweeteners . Yes, they can contain almost no calories, but scientific experiments over and over again come to the conclusion that supplements of this kind stimulate cravings for sweets, and therefore are associated with an increased risk of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Try to drink coffee without sugar – and, you will see, you will like it. Coffeemans with experience say that so rich and rich in shades of coffee taste you get to feel even better. And there is a high probability that without sugar you will not drink four cups a day, as used, but, say, two, which will also benefit your body.

… Or reduce its number

The American Heart Association refers to a daily limit of sugar as 6 teaspoons for women and 7-8 teaspoons for men. Nutritionists, however, remind that in this quantity not only added, but in general all sugar, including natural sugars and sweetened processed foods (such, for example, as ketchup and delicacy sausages ) should fit . So if you do not plan to give up sugar in coffee, at least cut it in half to improve the diet, without doing anything special for it.

Add the cinnamon

One of the best tricks for reducing sugar consumption is the use of “sweet” (that is, creating the effect of sweetness) spices, the leaders among which are cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. In addition to strengthening the aromatic base – one of the important components of coffee – spices seriously increase the amount of antioxidants consumed. With regard to cinnamon , it has another significant advantage, helping to regulate blood sugar and, accordingly, monitor the level of insulin. And those who are especially attached to sweets, Health.com experts recommend trying a set of spices for apple pie or chocolate rolls (but without sugar!), Able to deceive the brain.

Drink coffee – and sleep on

Most likely, you think of coffee as the only possible way to wake up. But have you ever noticed that, since you drink the coveted cup, as long as you really feel vivacity and a burst of energy, does it take a while? Are ready to argue, noticed. And this is quite logical, because, as you know, life-giving coffee effect comes in 20-30 minutes after caffeine enters the body.

This knowledge and prompted enthusiasts to come up with “sleep after coffee” – a way to cheer up , which requires first a cup of coffee, and then go to sleep for another 20 or 30 minutes. In this case, they say, you will wake up not broken and with a clouded consciousness, as it often happens, but incredibly cheerful and ready to work. But remember, it’s better not to use caffeine 6 hours before night sleep, because nothing good will come of it.

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