5 things for which dogs are secretly offended

5 things for which dogs are secretly offended

5 things for which dogs are secretly offended

Dogs, unlike cats, do not keep secrets too well. If they like something, then they like it. If not, then you probably will understand this from the behavior of a pet. A dog is an open book in the sense of emotions and desires. But all the same, there are things in the world that they can not stand, and their owners do not even know about it. Do you want to know what we’re talking about? The answer is in our material.

Prohibition of sniffing

“We do not really appreciate smells, but dogs live in the olfactory world,” says Alexandra Horowitz, an expert in animal behavior from Columbia University, at IFL Science. “When you go for a walk with your dog, you see and smell together, but we basically see, and dogs basically smell.” That’s why, Horowitz explains, dogs are very upset when you forbid them to sniff every oncoming curb, a tree, an invisible thing in the grass or other dogs. Simply because in this way they will know the world.

Launching fireworks

It is well known that dogs, after hearing fireworks, usually strain. And you, however you want, will not be able to explain to them that all the noise and din is organized about something good – the dog will in any case perceive it as the sky that “attacks” on it. Most hosts quite rightly keep their dogs indoors during the launch of fireworks to keep their peace of mind. However, as Battersea Cats And Dogs Home notes, you should not restrict the dog to the walls of one room. Simply because it will almost certainly try to escape from the noise, so that a small room can increase the risk of potential damage. Both the premises and the dog itself, which is much more important.

Limitation of independence

Yes, dogs are our faithful companions. And yes, their ability to always be around, being ready at any time to stand up for our defense, is one of the many reasons why we love them so much. But what in this case should not be forgotten even to the person most attached to his pet, is that it is important for a dog to feel independence. Experts Battersea Cats And Dogs Home indicate that you can “reduce the stress of dogs in the long term, if you give her some independence.” To do this, they propose to allow the dog an activity that she can enjoy without your participation (the best thing here is to work out special toys for animals).

Strangers in new places

Studies show that dogs like new places, but only if they find themselves there with people who live with them. That is, with their masters. So, in a study in 2014, it was found that the stress in dogs, measured by the heart rate, increased significantly when they got to a new place, plus when they were stroked by a person they do not know. Of course, all dogs are different, so maybe your pet is so sociable that for him this stress will be insignificant. And still, you better not leave the dog with strangers in an unfamiliar place for no particular reason.


This is a controversial issue, but nevertheless. A study conducted in 2016 at the University of British Columbia (UBC) showed that dogs do not like to cuddle, although they do not show it. An analysis of 250 photographs of animals in the arms of a man made it possible to say that on 81.6% of them the dogs looked chained, as if they were uncomfortable. The remaining images were either neutral, or ambiguous (10.8%), or joyful (7.6%). Experts in the field of animal behavior notice that this may be true, if only because dogs are not people, so they do not necessarily like what gives us pleasure. In addition, experts say, strong embraces can be perceived by them as an intrusion into personal space.

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