5 reasons why laughter is the best medicine

We all heard about a closed circle of problems, but what about a similar, only positive circle? It’s about the habit of smiling , which, according to scientists, can potentially improve our well-being. Of course, it can hardly be considered a “pill of all diseases”, because this approach does not work in everything and not always. But, nevertheless, it works. Especially when it comes to the things that we come across every day.

Five reasons why laughter – sometimes the truth is the best medicine, look for reasons below:

1 Reduces stress levels

Not only that laughter, obviously, helps to distract from sad thoughts, it also relieves our body of unnecessary (or better of all) stress hormones. So, even those things that usually take you out of balance in a couple of minutes will not seem so terrible. Let’s add here the natural release of endorphins – and we get the ideal way to become a little happier without much physical and emotional costs.

2 Increases productivity

You may wonder how much laughter affects performance. First, working – again, because of the release of endorphins, which improve the mood. Secondly, during training, becoming a kind of warm-up before you start to work on the relief (yes, the stories that you can laugh with a press can not be a joke). In addition, there is evidence that laughter increases the pain threshold and in some cases, according to a study published by The Royal Society, reduces the sensation of pain, which can be useful at least in situations where the head is hurting, and you need to urgently finish the report.

3 Strengthens relations

All people like to be around those who make them laugh. Therefore, hardly anyone will be surprised that laughter is an important component of long and happy relationships . As scientists have learned, thanks for this it is necessary (seriously, again?) Endorphins, which send signals to the brain about pleasure when we are next to a particularly cheerful partner. A couple of dates on which you laughed without a break – and voila, you no longer need anyone else.

4 Stimulates memorization

If you want someone to remember you, just laugh it. According to research – for example, those referred to by the authors of the book “Humor and laughter: theory, research and applications” – if the brain is included in the learning process, but suddenly something at the same moment amuses you, the information is remembered much better and “Lives” in my head much longer. This, the researchers suggest, is associated with an emotional response. Plus, humor, as we have already learned, reduces anxiety, leaving us in the best condition to focus and learn new information.

5 Reduces the chances of getting sick

And the most urgent. Laughter is not a reason to refuse to take vitamins or reduce consumption of fruits and vegetables , but an excellent addition to all this in the fight against viruses and infections. A study published in the journal Humor, back in 1988, showed that laughter can increase the number of antibodies designed to fight disease-causing bacteria. Providing everyone with this way a new way to protect themselves from the cold. And given that this method is not so complicated, it’s definitely worth trying.

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