4 ways to delay the process of graying hair

4 ways to delay the process of graying hair

Follow the following ways to delay the hair graying

Most often, the first gray hair begins to appear already in adulthood, but in some people, the first white hair can appear earlier – at the age of 20. Many of such people can start to get upset or even panic – although gray hair has recently become fashionable, still, It is difficult for men and women to accept that aging is inevitable, and gray hair reminds them that the years go by. What can be done to delay the process of graying? The Medical Daily portal has prepared several recommendations.

1-Monitor your meals

Rapid graying may indicate a lack of nutrients. In particular, thus, the condition of the hair can be affected by the lack of vitamin B12, copper and zinc. Those who are afraid to turn gray too early, it is worth to drink vitamins additionally.

2-Avoid stress

Hair also responds to stress, like the rest of the body. Constant anxiety can lead to hair loss, but experts emphasize that it is likely, and graying can also be associated with anxiety and stress. Scientists noted that people who are under stress for a long time – for two to three years – are graying earlier. Although genetic factors predominate in the graying, a lifestyle and stress can also affect the condition of the hair, be slowing or speeding up the loss of pigment.

3-Quit smoking or at least reduce cigarette consumption

Smoking accelerates the aging process of the body, including hair. If a person smokes a long time – his hair loses the pigment faster. Studies show that those who smoke long and often smoke tend to be more than 30 years old.

4-Check thyroid status

Thyroid dysfunction can cause weakening and early graying of the hair. Scientists say that this is due to the fact that the thyroid hormones directly affect the hair follicles. Insufficient activity of this organ can affect the condition of the hair – they will be dry and dull (and turn gray before).

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