4 Reasons Why Vegetarianism is Good for Health

4 Reasons Why Vegetarianism is Good for Health

4 Reasons Why Vegetarianism is Good for Health

For a long time you plan to refuse meat or at least reduce its quantity, but are still in search of motivation? You were lucky – most recently at Nutrition 2018, the American Society for Nutrition conference, held in Boston on June 9-12, presented the results of new research on the topic. Scientists said that if at least half of the diet will consist of plant products, then a person who has reconsidered his approach to nutrition will receive bonuses, which maybe not even dreamed of. Which ones – read below.

Heart Health

Scientists from the Netherlands investigated about 6000 people to find out that plant protein is associated with lower risks of coronary heart disease, compared with regular consumption of meat. A study of 4,500 adult Brazilians showed that when a vegetable protein is consumed, when compared to an animal, the risk of plaque formation in the arteries is lower by 60%.

Experts at the American Heart Association explain that excessive consumption of meat can be dangerous due to the content of saturated fat in it, which can raise the level of cholesterol. Douglas Paddon-Jones, a professor at the University of Texas, recalls that a healthy protein can be obtained from soy milk, kinoa, beans, eggs, tofu and fish.

Reducing the risk of diabetes

A study conducted by the University of George Washington (George Washington University) examined models of the health and diet of Asians (mainly from South Asia) living in the United States. A large-scale analysis of the indicators allowed scientists to discover that vegetarians risk factors for developing diabetes are always lower than meat eaters. What are these factors: body mass index, blood sugar level , waist circumference, amount of abdominal fat and cholesterol level.

Frank Hu, a specialist in diabetes research from Harvard University, came to similar results in his previous studies. “Moving to a diet focused on plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, while reducing animal products in the diet will reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes,” he says.

Holding the current weight

Changes in body weight in more than 125,000 adults were monitored for four years as part of a study conducted by Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. The findings showed that plant-based diets rich in high-quality products, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts, have always been associated with less weight gain. On the other hand, unhealthy plant foods, such as sweets, refined grains and french fries , have been associated with a faster weight gain than even with the consumption of animal products.

Decreased risk of death

In fact, just sticking to a vegetarian diet is not enough – the quality of food is of great importance here. A large study of almost 30,000 adult Americans, due to dietary peculiarities and the impact of these features on health, showed that high-quality animal products had almost no effect on predictors of early mortality . At the same time, in general, the plant ration improved the indicators, which, as studies show, reduce the quality of life and shorten its duration. This advantage, researchers note, was particularly evident in people with chronic diseases.

However, experts at the moment there is insufficient evidence that a vegetable diet alone increases life expectancy. Melody Ding, a senior researcher at the University of Sydney, explains that the case here can be in a healthy lifestyle in general.

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