32 Authorities On The Stand Of 31 Municipal Solid Waste Burning – Wastewater, Industrial Wastewater –

tags 24 afternoon, two-day “professionals Guangzhou Strong Waste Advisory Council,” the official concluded. In the subsequent formation of specialist tips, in addition to an current waste incineration technology experts think that there are dangers, the rest of the meeting of 31 authorities agree that Guangzhou need to use the “burning of the primary landfill supplement” waste of life model . The 32 specialists need to be invited by the Guangzhou Municipal Government will attend the consultation. The Group believes that if the waste to be burned, to ensure correct oversight to make certain the regular operation of incineration technique stability, true and reputable monitoring information. Proposed to enhance the transparency of regulation, so that the public is not only involved in the project Atmosphere Assessment, but also to participate in strong waste disposal facilities constructed soon after the operation management.

Group List Hai-Yun Xu of China Academy of Urban Construction
Chief Engineer, Senior Engineer Bai Qing in Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, former Deputy Head of Division, Professor

Zhao Zhang Yuan Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences Fellow (retired)
Zheng Minghui Chinese Academy of Sciences Ecological Atmosphere Study Center of Environmental Chemistry and State Important Laboratory of Ecotoxicology, Deputy Director, Analysis Fellow

Yang-Sheng Liu, Peking University, Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering, Shenzhen Graduate School, Director, Essential Laboratory of circular economy

Zhang Yi Shanghai Atmosphere Group Technical Director
Liao Lihua in the Dean of Environmental Science and Technologies, Professor
Zhen Chen of Tongji Institute of Thermal Energy and Environmental Engineering, Deputy Director, Professor South China University of

Xiao-Qian Energy Clean use of Institute, Professor, Ph.D.
Ding-Qiang Li, Guangdong Province Ecological Atmosphere and Soil Research Institute, Research Fellow
Keeping Fit Guangzhou Academy of Social Financial Study Institute Deputy Director,
Nie Environmental Science and Engineering Tsinghua University, Professor, Ph.D.
Ru Huang Department of Environmental Protection Sector Analysis and Testing Centre, the National Environment! F British laboratory director, researcher

Li Guoxue Sources and Atmosphere, China Agricultural University, College of Environmental Science and Engineering Division, Professor, Ph.D.

Xiaodong Institute of Thermal Engineering, Zhejiang University State Crucial Laboratory of Clean Power Utilization, Professor, Ph.D.

Zhang Wenyang Southwest Jiaotong University professor, principal analysis and strong wastes, municipal strong waste incineration energy generation Individual and the Studying nuclear Second Hospital

Environmental protection Design and style Institute of Shenzhen Branch design chief engineer, senior engineer
Xuzhen Cheng Department of Environmental Protection Deputy Director of South China Institute of Environmental Sciences, Fellow

Party Zhihua Huanan University College of Environmental Science and Engineering Dean, Professor, Ph.D.
Against Wu, China Meteorological Administration, Guangzhou Institute of Tropical Meteorology, chief researcher
Chen Zunyu Environmental Science and Engineering, Zhongshan University, Associate Dean, Professor
Li Shi-Yu Sun Yat-sen College of Environmental Science and Engineering Dean, Professor, Ph.D.
Shi Yang Chinese cities total sanitation workers counseling centers, senior engineers
Guo Xiangxin Ministry of Housing and Urban Engineering Investigation Center for Environmental Overall health, Deputy Director, Professor, Senior Engineer

Hanbo new Ministry of Environmental Protection Deputy Director of South China Institute of Environmental Sciences, Fellow

On the Necessity of Henan Agricultural University, Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Solutions Department of Agriculture Key Laboratory of Renewable Power Associate Professor Shenzhen Xun Gong Bai

Waste Treatment Plant, a senior engineer