3 Measures for China Sanitary Hardware Business to Deal With Foreign Trade Problems


Chinese higher-good quality and low-charge bathroom merchandise have been a lot favored by foreign dealers and shoppers for a lengthy time, and its export volume elevated remarkably. Nonetheless, with the progressively improved export volume and the deterioration of the international economic predicament, a lot more and far more nations begin to implement virtually harsh  technical requirements for generating trade barriers, which has elevated issues for China sanitary ware enterprises to develop foreign markets. In the face of this trend, to solve trade protection, what Chinese enterprises ought to do initial is to rely on technological innovation and practise the upgrade of industrial common. According to authorities, products should meet standards is the initial factor for breaking by way of technical barriers to trade, manufactures should establish solution manage method in order to guarantee that the merchandise place on marketplace are in line with standards. At present, under the situation of the export pressure growing, Chinese sanitary ware enterprises have increasingly attached significance to connected international standards, their goods good quality has substantially enhanced in accordance with relevant technical requirements, which has avoided export disputes triggered by regular barriers. With the strength of Chinese sanitary ware enterprises escalating progressively, a lot more and far more bathroom merchandise has reached or even exceeded foreign stringent requirements. High normal goods and affordable prices will become essential aspects to break trade barriers, and then win a bigger overseas market place. Under the influence of financial crisis, the demand from main trading partners such as United States, Japan and Europe fell sharply, the international marketplace became shrink.

China is a large exporter of sanitary ware, but its exportation is mainly in the type of OEM, which only can earn meager processing fees. From the point of view of the whole exportation improvement trend it is really unfavorable, for a long time foreign countries use the Chinese inexpensive labor advantage, which make domestic makers only acquire modest amount of processing fees and result Chinese foreign trade tend to a simple quantitative expansion, the improve of export value is drastically reduce than export volume, the export advantage falls and enter the error that only stress foreign exchange income, but ignore brands creation. Chinese sanitary ware enterprises should spend far more focus to the construction and development of self-owned brand in future, create independent brand and try greatest to do the publicity and preparing. According to characteristics of foreign trade enterprise, enterprises should totally comprehend the marketplace changes, moderately grasp the scale of processing, combine manufacturing merchandise with foreign brands with generating their personal brands, reasonably confirm the ratio of OEM and self-owned brand. They can discover and master the globe-renowned brand management and technology by means of OEM, as properly as establish reputation in domestic and international markets through their own brands, expand the industry share and improve their competitors.

In short, with the competence of Chinese enterprises becoming stronger and stronger, the variations between foreign advanced sanitary enterprises in industrial standard, product good quality, production technologies and other aspects are receiving smaller sized and smaller sized. As the international trade competition escalating, the classic cheap processing exportation way must be adjusted effectively under the new predicament. Associated policies established by China in future will also encourage innovation and guide brand method, the foreign trade development mode that rely on low cost labor and sacrificing non-renewable resources and environment will be limited progressively. Chinese enterprises need to take advantage of this crisis to accelerate their adjustment and self-improvement, develop viable development strategies to expand market.

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