2011 Conversion Factor Slashed By 30 Percent versus Current Rates


2011 Conversion Issue Slashed By 30 % versus Existing Prices According to the 2011 Medicare Doctor Fee Schedule Final Rule, printed in the Federal Register that will be published on Nov. 29. Fee Schedule, healthcare coding guide Gear up for another nail-biting year to locate out whether your Medicare payments will be slashed.

The calendar year 2011 Doctor Charge Schedule conversion aspect is $ 25.5217, according to the 2011 Medicare Doctor Charge Schedule Final Rule, printed in the Federal Register that will be published on Nov. 29. This amounts to a poor 30 percent reduce compared to the present price of $ 36.8729.

Congress has come up with temporary relief from these reductions every year because the year 2003, but a extended time answer is the want of the hour. Work is being carried out to permanently reform the Medicare payment formula.

As most of you have to be conscious, last June, Congress voted to only stave off a 21 % cut to your Medicare pay even so to boost the conversion factor by two.2 %. But, that vote only kept the cuts at bay through November 30.

With impact from December 1, your Medicare spend is set to drop by more than 23 %, till and unless Congress intervenes to reverse the cuts. Add to that the reality that 2011 payments are due to drop even further starting January 1, and medical practices are facing nightmares.

Physicians are at a loss questioning what will take spot when the calendar turns to 2011. In the coming year, some freshly-elected Senators and House members will be in location. However it is not clear whether the present Congress will make alterations affecting 2011 spend prior to January or no matter whether they will leave the concerns for the new Congress to deal with.

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