2010 Sharp – Colorful Agent Jiuzhaigou National Conference – Multimedia – Education Industry

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Searching back storms the identical boat, with each other Sharp images, this time side by side boosting, compose Brilliant Function

Good morning, quite honored to serve as host of this meeting, I Colorful Marketing and advertising Beijing Xiao Song.

1st of all, on behalf of Sharp business with Beijing to be the guests of the CLS and Proxy Enterprise buddies warm welcome!

Here, enable me first to introduce today’s leaders and guests attended
Initial to inform you, Sharp Company (China) Co., Ltd., BTOB Director of Enterprise Promotion Centre, the water of this, Mr. Duff. . . Also with the participants, Sharp Business (China) Co., Ltd. Projector Sell Division, Mr. Jiang Guoxiang.

To the CLS will also executive director of Beijing, Beijing Colorful rainbow as General Manager of Technologies Development Co., Ltd. Mr. Wang Zhe. . . Nightlife is also executive director of Beijing, Beijing Colorful World Technology Development Co., Ltd. Mr. Xu Peizhong.

To be the guests are from TI’s Asian Company Development Manager Mr. Zheng Haibin.

TI’s Asian Organization Development Manager Zheng Haibin
We invite the media guests, Common Manager Mr. Tang Hailong projection window.
General Manager Mr. Tang Hailong Projection Window
Guests once more please the audience with warm applause pals welcome to the leaders and guests will

Jiuzhaigou complete of magic in the eyes of the world, no matter what season it is filled with colorful with vigor, in such a magical spot, we come collectively, it appears that the implication Sharpe with CLS, like this remarkable Jiuzhaigou Consistency of the landscape, nature and man.

2009 SHARP merchandise in the market performance is obvious, and still continue to upgrade the Chinese market, sales, CLS is capable to in the past year, as always, for the Sharp items in the Chinese industry is proud to contribute to 2009 Beijing Nightlife greater level to make enterprise development business introduced new resources, strengthen the group for the 2010 comprehensive upgrading of enterprises laid a strong foundation in the previous year, Beijing effectively CLS the approach of restructuring was Sharp and all of you Cooperation Support partners to take this opportunity, on behalf of Beijing Nightlife on all express our heartfelt thanks.

Sharp Enterprises to create the future of technology, Colorful and Sharp has maintained a sincere cooperation, has been searching for a further opportunity for widespread improvement. Under please

Sharp Enterprise (China) Ltd. Mr. water of the Common Assembly speech.
Water of the Dove Thank the President’s speech of water, then, has requested the Common Manager Mr. Wang Zhe Beijing Nightlife addressed the General Assembly.

Thank Wang’s speech, but thanks to Wang shows us the cornerstone of enterprise improvement in CLS and a better future.

Beijing Colorful Ni Zhe Wang as General Manager Technology Development Co., Ltd.
CLS business segments planned to expand in order to attain typical development targets. Colorful group back developing enterprise, precisely simply because the group has with the SHARP organization closely, until today, SHARP item has maintained its top position in China market.

The following time, we have requested the Sharp Enterprise (China) Co., Ltd. Sales Division, the projector, Mr. Jiang Guoxiang, as we do Sharp presentation projector market place in China.

Sharp Enterprise (China) Co., Ltd. Sales Division projector Jiang Guoxiang
Please applause after once more thank the superb section chief Chiang explained. Industry is the objective, the objective behind the statistics, we need to have to seize the opportunity and the require to reconsider the problem.

Right here are invited Beijing Colorful rainbow projection gear, as Mr. Liu Zhen, basic manager of company evaluation for our 2010 objectives and approaches for Love color.

Thank Manager Liu Ladies and gentlemen, our meetings have been conducted for practically two hours to arrange 10 minutes of rest time, please take a seat on time soon after 10 minutes, thank you!

Ladies and gentlemen, please seated, we continue our meetings, thank you!
3D technologies will undoubtedly be to the projector market place in 2010 a enormous influence, we have explanation to think that, from the Chinese marketplace to the international marketplace, the new DLP technologies will be in 2010 or even the next handful of years, for us updated , and stunning visual encounter, we have requested the following TI’s Asia Business Improvement Manager, Mr. Zheng Haibin do clarify the new DLP technologies.

Thank Mr. Zheng Haibin’s fantastic speak, technologies updates never-ending, and market information is changing. Today, we invited an old pal of CLS, the business veteran, the authority of the media market, General Manager Mr. Tang Hailong projection window to us, the high-finish projector marketplace info analysis. Tang thanked the total

Marketplace evaluation , Which we all must advantage every guest, we summarize benefits is to much better the future.

The last component of the morning session, we are in 2009, Sharp, high-end projector agent cooperation with CLS complete awards, and prize presentation ceremony. Have requested the Beijing Colorful rainbow projector company, as Mr. Liu Zhen, common manager of our Master of Ceremonies.

Pm: Great afternoon, the major contents of the afternoon session Technical system Talk and exchange.
1st, we have requested the Beijing Colorful Ni as higher-end item manager Mr. Dong Liang for absolutely everyone to do engineering evaluation and the case describes a standard case. Thank you, Mr. Dong Liang

analytic, we have requested the following fusion Mok Ping, general manager of the developer to introduce the application and improvement of creative display. Thank you Mo

basic introduction, the following, as we have requested the Basic Manager Mr. Wang Zhe Ni CLS to introduce broadcasting marketplace, trends, digital film improvement.

Thanks once more for Wang’s introduction, right here we have requested the CLS of Mr. Wang Jun to introduce the projector auxiliary gear

Mr. Xie Xiewang presentation, the content of today’s meeting ends, the following time-web site Q &amp A with the exchange, we can carry out visits according to their own interest, we have arranged a special team to explain.