2010 Second China Meals Additives And Components Exhibition In Zhengzhou – Additives

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Midwest food additives and ingredients (Zhengzhou) Exhibition by the Henan Light Market Association, China International Trade Promotion Association, the Asian financial and trade development promotion center and the provincial associations, societies generate a joint full of high-top quality specialist exhibition, organized has turn out to be the field of meals additives and components industry’s largest exhibition, the most extensively influential, most expert, show very good outcomes, constant with recognized pros in the middle of food additives and ingredients events. Preceding total exhibition area of ten,000 square meters, 236 enterprises from home and abroad to show the new goods, attracted 12,060 trade buyers admission, including properly-identified producers in the province accounted for 86% of the audience, on-site transactions 3650 million, nearly 80 million yuan buy intent. 98% of firms show satisfactory benefits, 80% of the enterprises to participate in the scene to figure out the subsequent event. The exhibition emphasis on industry and regional benefits, qualities and positioning market experts. To grasp the user requirements, focus on inviting exhibitors, solution diversity and supporting enterprise buyers, customers in depth, totally reflects the marketplace-oriented, production, supply and marketing and advertising functions in close connection with the new show, in order to additional market the meals, components, additives and machinery companies and distributors, communication in between customers and build a platform for trade cooperation of the parties to jointly enhance the improvement of the central and western quickly food business.

show superiority (1) “Eleventh Five-Year Program” period, Henan will take measures to Henan province into the country’s main base of the food industry. In accordance with the base, scale, brand, international “4 modernizations” development principles, to type a brand-driven, large-scale backbone enterprise for the assistance, matching the upstream and downstream industries, sector structure apparent competitive benefit, accomplish food business province province to the meals sector leaps and bounds.

(2) market superior. Practically 1 million individuals in Henan is a large province, the local domestic market place with a fantastic surrounding. With the enhance in per capita revenue and urbanization speeds up, the steady expansion of household meals consumption, consumption structure, the escalation of subsistence consumption reduce, commodity-based consumption increased, the development of food industry has great market place demand for space.

(three) in Henan Province is positioned in the coastal and western regions of the junction, Stone developed highway, railway and air transport of radiation throughout the central and western regions, is east and west, north, south, constant site visitors to Road and communications hub. Henan became the folks, materials, information flow intersection, the demonstrate the benefit of place in Henan. Henan is an important step to undertake the development zone, the western area is open to the east bridgehead.

(four) organizational unit of a expert client service division, using the company’s big systems and business databases, by phone, fax, mail, e-mail, SMS, contact, etc. for the meals sector producers to strongly invited, regional radiation to Henan and the entire Midwest region will be invited to go to, acquire and, if necessary in the pre-procurement enterprises will apply directly to exhibitors in advance introduced by a quantity of Television stations, newspapers, radio, magazines, internet site promotion consisting of luxury lineup, the complete tracking reports show publicity.

exhibition Meals additives: Sour agents, anti-caking agent, defoamers, antioxidants, bleaching agents, leavening agents, cover film, coloring agent, colour agent, compound meals additives, emulsifiers, enzymes, food flavors and fragrances, flavor enhancers, flour treatment agent, water retention agent, nutrition enhancer, preservatives, stability and coagulant, sweeteners, thickeners, gum base agent

Food ingredients: Starch, modified starch, starch sugar, sugar alcohols, oligosaccharides, edible oil and fat substitutes, flour, yeast merchandise, vegetable protein, dehydrated fruits and vegetables and meat, Frozen Food, fillings, sauces, spices, condiments, dairy items, health food, animal and plant extracts, beverage concentrates, curing agent soybean merchandise, nuts, instant tea, functional food ingredients, cocoa items, dietary fiber, egg goods, honey, beans, roasted and so on.

Well being meals and ingredients: All types of all-natural, organic foods and food ingredients and so on

Meals processing aids: Various types of meals processing aids
Associated components, equipment and technology: Meals packaging machinery, packaging supplies, food processing gear, meals additives and ingredients production and application of technical, expert journals and media

Meals security technologies and equipment: A selection of food testing instruments, gear, standards, testing methods and technologies.

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