2009 Hc Superman Electrical Appliances Carry The Chinese Line Suqian Zhongshan Station


2009 12 14, by the HC property network’s “power saving, environmental protection, trip, 2009, Network Appliance HC fifth national tour complimentary activities??” China Household Appliance Sector Data Daquan “Chinese line” launched a extensive . The property network jointly organized by the HC “Zhongshan Superman” appliances, will cover 128 cities in the country, for five thousand free copies from the HC house dealer network published the “China Household Appliance Industry Information Daquan.”

Suqian City of Jiangsu Province is positioned in the north, northeast and connecting Lianyungang, Xuzhou City, northwest and connects with the Huai’an is adjacent to the south, deep culture, cultural, historical landscape rich in the territory of lakes, rivers, canals, springs all more than the . Suqian climate, 4 distinct seasons, no wonder that Emperor Qianlong had praised her as “the first Jiangshan Chun rewards.”

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Lake, Hongze dot the Suqian territory, many rivers to bring the Suqian rich aquatic, and here also have a “fish town” in the name. Green Suqian high, higher forest cover, along the lake formed a lot of gorgeous scenery with a superior, such as the Sui Bian River Scenic Belt, the ancient Yellow River Scenic Belt, Shuyang water slope, patio Lake and other attractions are among the representatives. The vastness of the Lake, the water Miyama shows the Lake, Quan-Yong beauty spring continual, deep dash of Longjing enabling visitors to appreciate the water in rivers and lakes much more than surface water, passionate, lovely water. Suqian its beautiful, historic landscape not far behind practically nothing, the hanging sword sets, Qianlong Palace, Xiang Wang hometown, soap River Dragon King Temple, sacrifices temple, Confucius Temple Suqian, Qingliangsi, Min Company Hall Tin Hau Temple … … as well numerous to mention. And Peng Xuefeng martyrs cemetery, places North War Memorial, “Shuang’gou tragedy,” Memorial, Chen Yi Memorial Museum is the ideal feeling of red tourism attractions. “Jiangsu’s Xishuangbanna,” the name of the peaks Forest Park, winding path, the forest quiet, Suqian Eight of the two “trimodal Sunset,” “drunk on grape,” which brought together.

2009 HC Superman electrical appliances carry the Chinese Zhongshan Station line Suqian

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Line Suqian station HC Daquan China International Trade City in Suqian here with thousands of businesses in which a lot more than 80 appliance dealers all concentrated in the industrial city of the eight Street, 9 Street, ten Street. China is situated in the eight-line activities, most East First Street, thanked the activities of agents Suqian dawn and the dawn of Mr. Xu Shuguang appliances appliances enthusiastic support of all staff to help us layout the occasion, the book put into the bag, without whose aid I a individual certainly overwhelmed, in the time to send invitations, dealers are capable to get each and every situation to reflect that basically the book glad HC, and I am also quite warm, the subsequent morning to get up Shihai snow, but luckily they did not snow, and also the sun, and dealers have also come and collect. They also said that Daquan brought them a lot of comfort to query information on makers get in touch with product data about the industry. there is a client saw our employees quickly, HC the side of the field: “HC is quite committed.” We are thrilled to hear these words. Our function has been their certain this is a very important significance. We will continue to assistance them, supply them with a lot more enterprise opportunities and wealth, and many dealers have wished

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