2007 China’s Home Appliance Business Innovation, “hard


1 21, sponsored by the China Household Electric Appliance Analysis Institute, “2007 Chinese Household Electric Appliance Business Trends and Technology Innovation Forum 2006 Technologies Innovation Award Presentation Ceremony” was held in Beijing. Soon after virtually 4 months of intense evaluation, “2006 Household Electric and Electronic Merchandise and Technology Innovation Award” of the 31 awards at last settled. From the China Light Business Federation, China Household Electrical Appliances Analysis Institute, China Household Electrical Appliances Association, the National Standardization Committee appliances, China High quality Association, the China Customer Association, and other relevant professionals and leaders attended the meeting and presented the winners certificates and trophies.

It is understood that “China Household Electrical and Electronic Gear Technologies Innovation Award” was established in 2005, in the Chinese house appliance market has had a particular influence, The poll reported a total of more than 50 businesses in far more than 100 projects in different award competition, judging consist of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, electric water heater, kitchen appliances and other kinds of home appliance merchandise, namely a “Solution of the Year Innovation”, “Annual Technical Innovation” and “Annual media Suggested” award a total of 31 three awards.

2006, China household appliance market in the state of “accelerating the pace of company innovation” initiative, have to improve R &amp D and human capital investment, get rid of the “world’s household electrical appliance factory” in an awkward position. Independently developed by the home appliance business, “Fresh + Frequency Fresh Fridge” water heater, “anti-power wall” water heater, “Frequency” refrigerator, “inclined” washing machines and other revolutionary goods in the sector and markets are given a greater rating, but also brings convenience to customers. The forum on the appliance sector through technical innovation on the evaluation, depth of China’s household electrical appliance enterprises future innovation improvement. Professionals say: Soon after nearly ten years of fast improvement, big quantity of outstanding household electrical appliance enterprises in China and gradually with the fast rise of organization and to compete against planet-class international competitiveness, but the core technology is nonetheless reasonably weak. Therefore, how to construct self-innovation model, the business has become a typical concern.

This year, all levels of government have stepped up investment in industrial technologies to guide and encourage, greater emphasis on the implementation of industrial and technology policy efforts. Enterprises themselves are far more concerned about the scientific and technological progress and the rewards of innovation, to seize the high-end property appliance market to become a new trend.

Appliance sector with independent innovation as the guidance, enterprise is bound to boost study and development of core technologies, thereby producing far more added worth items, the whole market chain will steadily accomplish to the higher-end transition.

But innovation does not imply blindly hope for accomplishment. Sector professionals point out, customers do require new products, new technologies and new attributes, but the real innovation have to start off from the customer demand, rather than blindly placing in creating realistic, practical solution not only gimmicks.