2006 China (beijing) International Constructing Electrical Technology Fair


Begin time:  2006-08-08

End time:  2006-08-10

Venue:  Beijing? China International Exhibition Center

Contact:  Li guorui

Make contact with Phone:  010-68655755

Sponsored by:  China Architectural Culture Centre, the National Federation of Actual Estate Association China Developing Decoration Association, China Building Industry Association of Electric Committee of Intelligent Building Specialist Committee of China Interior Decoration Association, China Association of Automation Intelligence Committee on Intelligence Special Committee of Architecture and Building Automation

Sponsor:  Global China Technologies Consulting Co., Ltd. Beijing Beijing Heng Wei Terry Hyperlink Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Show Overview:

Jointly organized by authoritative departments: resource sharing, new suggestions, value effect

Complete expert organizations Program : Theme novel, apparent advantages, highlight outstanding

Dazzling display of goods: massive-scale, Trading Negotiations, international exchange

Colorful Forum: senior specialists, hot topics, networking reception

Authorized by: The People’s Republic of China Company Department

The People’s Republic of China Ministry of Building

activity 1, 2006 China International Constructing , Home Intelligence and Safety of Digital Exhibition and Community Development Forum

activities two, 2006 China Building Electrical Business Innovation Forum

activities three, 2006 China Illumination Technologies and application sub-forum

I. Introduction

With the building, Genuine estate Industry and other infrastructure and fast growth in electrical building at an alarming price and has a vibrant future, with the 2008 Beijing Olympics Approaches, the 2006 Olympic venues and supporting projects, urban infrastructure building projects such as the concentrate for the electrical building business to bring massive organization opportunities. To promote the cause of China’s urban construction projects more rapidly improvement, urban building to meet the growing marketplace demand and building needs approved by the Ministry of Construction, China Architectural Culture Centre of six other professional organizations will be held on August 8, 2006 -10 Day jointly organized by China International Exhibition Center Beijing “2006 China (Beijing) International Creating Electrical Technologies Fair.”

The exhibition of “harmonious development – Safety Wellness “As the theme, all in electrical building technology to improve the exchange of details, items and trade cooperation as effectively as designers, project managers, construction businesses and engineering unit of exchange, display the promotion and application of new items, establish a scientific outlook on improvement, to promote the building electrical industry sustainable improvement.

II Activities

1. High-level strategic forum for the development of

Then, the government departments in charge Leadership And the effectively-identified experts and scholars and renowned company executives will attend the meeting and building on our electric market development, relevant policies and regulations, future trends limelight speech, for the majority of participants to offer a great opportunity to grasp the pulse of the market place.

two. Higher-level thematic exchange

From foreign authorities, scholars, technical employees on the most recent research outcomes and application areas, and locations of our country in this industry, a number of hot problems, in-depth discussion and exchange. At the identical time contact for paper, and by the professional panel and select outstanding papers in the technical forum preach.

three. New technologies and new solution introductions will

Meeting throughout the exhibition will be arranged in due course for the nicely-identified technologies organizations or merchandise Session to further promote the enterprise technologies and items, market corporate image, enhance corporate reputation, expand the enterprise industry.

3, Media Alliance

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1. All sorts of building for Electricity , Transmission and distribution equipment and protective devices

2. Comprehensive set of low-voltage switchgear, industrial manage devices and

3. Residential / Constructing Electrical products, electrical accessories and lighting technologies

four. Supply Cable And joints, line the bridge, engine area gear, switch power off the program

5. Transformer Contactor Meter And control elements

6. Measurement / Test Devices and related technologies

7. Architectural lighting and Outside Lighting technologies and equipment

8. Architecture Lightning Program

9. Developing intelligent, smart home and community digital system

ten. Trade media, house organizations, associated goods and computer software


Exhibition schedule:

Exhibit: six-7 August 2006 on show: August eight-10 dismantling: at 15 o’clock on the August ten soon after


1. Regular Booth: Size 3m × 3m, domestic enterprises: 8000 yuan / month, International Enterprise: 2340 USD / month, Package Involves constructed exhibition, carpet, fascia, one table, two chairs, two lights, a power socket (220V), security guard and cleaning and so on.

2. Indoor net: Domestic enterprises: RMB 800 /?, International Business 200 U.S. dollars /?, At least 36? Accrue, set up by the exhibitors own responsibility, but also the exhibition organizer, took care structures (personal expense) .

3. Bulletin Advertisement : Proceedings for the generous 16 formats, size 210MM (W) × 285MM (H), is printed in colour, illustrated.

Mostly distributed totally free of charge for the majority of visitors to the domestic and foreign buyers for free.

The cover ¥ 16000 ¥ 13000 two closure

Fei page ¥ 14000 ¥ 15000 end closure

Feng Yuan-cai Web page three ¥ 14000 ¥ 5000

Black and white text page About ¥ 3000 ¥ 1000

Tickets ¥ 20000 yuan / 50 000 bags ¥ 30000 yuan / 10000

Note: Proceedings participating organizations are invited to July ten, 2006 will be sent to the organizing committee of film exhibition (Museum, Museum in the square outdoors