17th Hunan Medical Equipment Exhibition (autumn) – Healthcare Devices – Healthcare Devices Sector

tags Commence time: 2010-09-09 End time: 2010-09-11 Venue: Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Centre
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2010 Central and Western China (Changsha) Medical Equipment Fair
Show Overview: Hunan Health-related Device market has great possible!
The subsequent three years, the state invested 850 billion yuan of fundamental healthcare insurance system, which invested 37 billion yuan on the county hospitals, healthcare facilities in rural areas into 40 billion yuan. Driven by massive investments in the government, the Chinese health-related device market will continue to heat up!

Hunan current healthcare institutions 14 521, of which 812 county hospitals, township hospitals in 2353, private hospitals (clinics) 10 377, and another 39,030 rural overall health clinic.

2009, the state of main care in Hunan Province specific overall health infrastructure investment of 4 billion yuan for Hunan county hospitals and rural overall health care technique.

Welcome to the Central and Western China Medical Gear Fair
“Midwest Healthcare Exhibition” exhibition series in each of Zhengzhou, Changsha, Hefei, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Kunming, Hainan and other places continue to organize, which held most of the historical occasion a lot more than ten years, has turn into well-recognized pros in central and western regions exhibition.

“Midwest (Changsha) Healthcare Exhibition” by the National Medical Technology Marketplace Association, Medical Association of Hunan Province, Hunan Medical Device Market Association. So far, has been successfully held 16 sessions, and to progressively improve the numbers of exhibitors and turnover, as the medical market in Hunan bigger scale, influential specialist exhibition of medical gear.

“Midwest (Changsha) Medical Exhibition” structures and equipment procurement platform for the exchange of details, services, medical gear manufacturers, service specialist buyers.

“Midwest (Changsha) Health-related Exhibition” higher-quality professional audience database, utilizing a range of methods to invite to pay a visit to.

“Midwest Health-related Exhibition” and the nation a lot more than 160 professional media, and 20 far more than the establishment of extensive media Cooperation Relations, occasion publicity-wealthy, and timely.

Exhibits: Diagnostic equipment Ultrasound diagnostic equipment, X-ray diagnostic gear, cardiac EEG monitoring gear, scanning equipment, chemical and biological detection gear, rehabilitation and physical therapy gear, function test equipment, pathology gear, Endoscopy Inspection gear, optical instruments and neurology, orthopedics, ENT, ophthalmology, orthopedics and other diagnosis equipment.

Therapy equipment In surgical gear, radiotherapy gear, nuclear healthcare therapy equipment, laser gear, physiotherapy gear, cryogenic remedy gear, dialysis gear, initial aid gear, anesthetic and analgesic gear and ward nursing equipment.

Aids Disinfection Sterilization gear , Refrigeration equipment, oxygen gear, air conditioning, blood bank gear, monitoring systems and application, analytical instruments, data recording and processing equipment, hospital management system, all types of healthcare autos.

Hygiene materials and supplies Medical enamel, glass, rubber products and disposable consumables dressing, standardized reagents.
Dental gear Complete treatment of dental gear, dental equipment, laser therapy, dental X-ray machine and dental Xiang complicated gear, casting, ceramic gear, abnormal components, dental supplies.

Biotechnology and gear Of biological engineering, biological data, biological pharmacy and applications, bio-analytical instruments and test equipment.

Exhibitors are: