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tags LED Micro Projector Refers to the use of LED as a light supply of a class of micro (normally volume of one hundred? 800 ml, cigarette box to the size of ordinary Chinese Dictionary) projector. Though the LED has a history of over half a century, but the lighting used in the projector program, but only a dozen years, the momentum of its improvement is really speedy, the world’s significant projector producers have progressively introduced its personal LED projector items, from idea to the current machine has begun to apply the solution, just six or seven years has created three generations of items, in certain the efficiency of energy sort LED light upgrade numerous times, creating the prospects for LED projector is adjust light, attracting far more and more vendors enter LED projector improvement and production.

LED mini-projector Looking LED micro technologies and industry improvement, investment, most likely gone via three stages of preheating.

The 1st stage is from the mid 90 century to 2003, due to the commercial production of blue LED, and currently some red and green LED tube, can be synthesized white, generating LED light source employed as a projector attainable. Meanwhile, there the organization began the development of LED projectors, in 2003 SID show care in the palm of the LED projector, turned out to trigger fantastic concern in many aspects. This generation is the 1st generation of LED projectors, to Mitsubishi The PK-ten as the representative model, employing a DLP imaging system, is clearly highlighted the distinct LED projector point: the volume of ultra-little, with the Xinhua Dictionary with pupils the size of a weight not exceeding 500 grams, super intelligent static sound design and style, noise in the 30dB beneath, in some environments or might not operate cooling fans, no noise, truly, in the standard HID light source in this projector is inconceivable, in addition, primarily based on the switching traits of LED, LED Micro-investment is also unique which signifies that both the light, shut down energy right away the advantages of traditional light bulbs do not like that sort of wait for the projector-kind high efficiency energy-saving, much less power consumption 30W, energy saving mode, you can use distribution of Battery 1 to 3 hours of function. LED strong light supply, with the extended life of the semiconductor, environmental mercury pollution. LED projector of these traits, nearly solved the traditional HID projector technologies inevitable chronic illness. But the initial generation of LED projector light output is as well low, only about 10ANSI lumens, though with SVGA resolution, tiny sensible value, are in the notion of solution of the occasions.

Second stage from 2003 to 2005, Japan Sony , Toshiba, Epson, South Korea’s LG, Samsung and far more companies to join the production team of R &amp D LED projector. In the 2005 CES show, the new LED projectors are blossoming out, Mitsubishi introduced the enhanced Right after the PK-20 type, created a Toshiba TDP-FF1A variety, they all use DLP imaging program, maintaining the very first generation of all the qualities of LED projectors, the light output closer to 30ANSI up and down, in ten — 40 inches (depending on in ambient light) pictures are of adequate light output, colour coding method to boost all round image good quality optimization played a Selectable colour LED tube edge in colour reproduction location (colour gamut greater than 100% NTSC), more than the classic HID projector light supply (colour gamut is usually 40? 60% NTSC). LED projector is no longer becoming counted only in the notion of the show machines, Toshiba’s TDP-FF1A achieved initial industry Sell .