0800 Numbers – Modern Technologies


In this fast increasing era of technology, a trustworthy communication is a should for survival of business. A company needs a telecommunication medium that very best serves its enterprise specifications and get in touch with its clients and customers. The advent 0800 numbers has been one of the most cost-effective solutions for communication.

0800 numbers have call management method, which assists business in effectively managing its calls. With the assist of Auto attendant/IVR service, a welcome voice message to can be send to your clients. It also makes it possible for you to directly transfer your inbound calls to the distinct division, avoiding receptionist. Get in touch with whisper assists you now whether the caller is dialling your landline or your 0800 number.
Cost-free Fax to e mail service allows you to acquire faxes from your e-mail inbox into your mobile/PDA. The voice to e-mail solutions offers you the access to voicemail messages by each e mail and dialling in to listen. With the function of get in touch with routing, you can get calls from a number of telephone lines simultaneously up to 50 callers.

0800 numbers provider organizations have started delivering the same solutions on mobile telephone also by way of mobile routing. The facility of taking calls at any time, at any location and getting those calls routed to your mobile phone is invaluable to some organizations, specifically for the mobile companies and the smaller sized enterprise.

With the aid of mobile 0800 routing, when a firm misses the calls on the landline, they can be routed directly the mobile. This will give you the flexibility to attend the calls from your consumers, even if you not in the workplace premises. This worth-added service can be subscribed at the time of acquiring 0800 quantity and later on you will spend the same expense for getting calls on both mobile phone or on a landline number. As a result, mobile routing assists you in sustaining a good image of the company even if you are unable to attend calls from your landline. Mobile routing service has also reduces the need to have of possessing a landline i.e. you can even run your company on your mobile phone only without having any landline number.