Supplies Science Mechanical Engineering – Portion 1 Anxiety and Strain Explained

Components Science Mechanical Engineering – Component 1 Pressure and Strain Explained

Materials 101 Component 1 of the ‘Mega Mechatronics Boot Camp Series’. Pressure and strain testing is how scientists and engineers develop, evaluate and pick components.

Outstanding ‘Materials Science 2000’ video demonstrating the tensile test:

Really informational and well developed tutorial explaining how metals deform:

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Supplies 101 Boot Camp:
Part 1 – Anxiety and Strain
Element 2 – Ductility, Toughness
Component 3 – Corrosion
Part 4 – Hardening, Therapies
Element five – Failure Analysis
Element six – Surface Finish
Part 7 – Thermodynamics

The ‘Mega Mechatronics Boot Camp Series’ is created for students, tinkerers / makers, pc nerds or anyone passionate about producing and learning.