Robotic Exoskeleton for Grip Enhancement and Stroke Rehabilitation

A research conducted to introduce the outline of a delicate wearable exoskeleton that involves a glove implanted with pneumatic actuators of variable firmness for hand assistive and restoration application. The gadget is lightweight and effortlessly wearable because of the utilization of delicate pneumatic actuators.

A key element of the gadget is the variable firmness of the actuators at various territories that not just fit in with the finger profile amid activation, additionally gives adaptability to various hand measurements.

The actuators can accomplish distinctive twisting profiles with variable firmness actualized at various regions. Thusly, the gadget can perform distinctive hand treatment activities, for example, full clench hand, straight clench hand, snare clench hand and table top. The gadget was described as far as its scope of movement and greatest compel yield. Examinations were led to look at the contrasts amongst dynamic and detached activation. The outcomes demonstrated that the gadget could accomplish hand getting a handle on and squeezing with worthy scope of movement and drive.

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Karun, V., Sathish, S., Rifaq, M., & Emerson, P. (2017). Robotic Exoskeleton for Grip Enhancement and Stroke Rehabilitation. International Journal Of Research And Engineering, 4(3), 74-76.