AIM & Scope

ijre journal is open access journal

International Journal of Research and Engineering (IJRE) aims to ascertain an efficient channel of communication between educational and analysis establishments, trade and persons involved with the importance and challenges. IJRE helps the analyzers to providing right direction in their analysis with the assistance of its worldwide research association members.

IJRE publishes quality journals for the diffusing of knowledge relating to these subjects. It conjointly organizes conferences, workshops altogether round the world and academic scientific on-line journal that publishes original analysis papers within the field of Research, Engineering and Management.

Our main objective which is to give the academic society and the industry for the submission of authentic applications and research associated with Research and Science or Engineering. People who came from various paths of research, science and engineering vocation who are aiming to redefine the backbone of the research and engineering profession  inside of the country wherever it is seen as a business oriented profession. Its aim to publish top quality and refereed papers.

Papers reportage original analysis or extended versions of already revealed conference/journal papers are all welcome.