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In Canada, a homeopath treated a child with the saliva of a rabid dog
In Canada, a homeopath treated a child with the saliva of a rabid dog
In Canada, a homeopath treated a child with the saliva of a rabid dog Homeopath and Naturopath Anke Zimmermann (Anke
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It shines, but does not warm: what's wrong with the bright light in the evening
It shines, but does not warm: what’s wrong with the bright light in the evening
Children, especially preschool children, are often afraid of the dark, so they ask their parents if they do not leave
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How to write a foreign scientific journal
Increasingly, non-English researchers and scholars are thinking about publishing an article in a foreign journal publication. Increasing personal status, the requirement
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How to come up with a good title for a scientific article
How to come up with a good title for a scientific article
Having chosen the problems and topic for the scientific article, you should give it a name. Most researchers do not
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The mystery of the title Doctor (Dr.)
The title doctor has two meanings and is used both in the academic and the medical field and this article
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International Journal of Research and Engineering

(IJRE) was published in Washington D.C. under ISSN No. 1043-7134 (Postal Application) in the year 1989 [Archived Articles] and is a serial catalog of British Library [Serial No. 008219960]

With the Internet development over the past few decades, postal application of journal article is now a history for many researchers. IJRE is re-established under ISSN No. 2348-7852 (Print) and 2348-7860 (Online) and is a worldwide journal that offers to publish a research paper in different fields such as Engineering, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Computer, IT, Basic and Applied Science and etc.

IJRE is a refereed or peer-reviewed, open access international journal coming with its main objective which is to give the academic society and the industry for the submission of original applications and research associated with Research and Science.

The publications of papers are selected through double peer review to ensure originality, relevance, and readability.

IJRE Journal publishes and releases quality journals for the diffusion of knowledge relevant to these subjects. This conjointly organizes and arranges conferences and workshops altogether across the world. This journal would bring together those leading engineers, researchers, and scientists within the domain of interest from various parts of the globe, IJRE helps the analyzers to provide right direction in their analysis with the assistance of its worldwide research association members.

We are internationally known journal offering assistance to put forward research papers in various fields. It primarily aims to offer assistance for the industry and academic community with regard to the submission of research as well as applications relevant to the subjects.

IJRE facts

  • A fast and rapid process of publication.
  • Open access journal with accessibility to import profile to Crossref, ORCID, ResearchID and other popular research connection portals.
  • Permanent Digital Object Identifier DOI® will be assigned [How DOI can benefit your journal paper – Readmore].
  • IJRE Journal is indexed with several sites like Google Scholar, Public Knowledge Project, Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources, Bielefeld University Library of Germany, CORE, Academia.edu, Index Copernicus, ResearchBib, Digital Journal, JSOnline and etc.
  • Impact Factor 1.902 (2016), 1.087 (2015) by Google Scholar, Academia Top 1%.
  • Each paper reviewed by journal reviewer members who are associated with world-renowned universities.
  • Hard copy available upon request.
  • Copy of ‘Certificate of Publication’ for each Author.